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Turbo TwinJet®

Turbo TwinJet (TTJ60) and Air Induction Turbo TwinJet (AITTJ60) Nozzles

Banish Blackgrass and Maximize Disease Control in Cereal Crops with TeeJet

Getting your cereal crop off to a healthy, weed-free start is key to producing optimum yields. Changes in farming practices - including autumn cropping, earlier seeding dates, increased use of minimum tillage cultivation, and fewer crop rotations - have all contributed to the growing blackgrass problem. If not controlled in a timely manner, blackgrass can establish itself at high plant populations leading to dramatic reductions in yield. One key challenge with controlling this slender, upright weed is getting sufficient spray coverage and control, particularly at early growth stages. A third party study conducted by a leading UK agricultural research service has shown that the Turbo TwinJet® (TTJ60) spray tip provides industry-leading coverage on small, vertical targets like blackgrass. Getting proper coverage is key to getting proper weed control.

Disease pressure is great for cereal crops in the UK and achieving the best fungicide coverage possible is key to producing a high-quality, high-yielding crop. The Turbo TwinJet (TTJ60) and Air Induction Turbo TwinJet (AITTJ60) both offer the improved leaf coverage and canopy penetration of a twin spray tip. For maximum coverage, choose the TTJ60. If however, you find yourself spraying in less than ideal, windy conditions, you should use a spray tip with improved drift control, such as the AITTJ60. The air induction technology in this tip produces coarser droplets while still offering the coverage benefit of a twin spray pattern for improved coverage.

Whatever your pest, whatever the season, TeeJet has the right spray tip solution for you!