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Spraying Simplified:
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FAB4 Make Every Drop Count

Introducing TeeJet's FAB4 Spray Tip Selection

TeeJet has carefully selected 4 key nozzles that would address the major concerns of droplet size, coverage, penetration, and reducing drift, while meeting regulatory standards.


By choosing the FAB4, you will optimise your performance and profits through innovation and precision.


Our nozzle selection includes a high-quality ceramic option to increase wear-life. We offer a wide droplet range with varied spray angles and twin outlets to increase coverage and penetration. TeeJet’s exclusive Turbo Design which boasts a 3-star LERAP rating, and up to 90% drift reduction, JKI approved, and our StreamJet fertiliser nozzle to maximize your liquid fertiliser.



FAB4 Nozzle Selection by TeeJet: Precision Redefined for Optimal Crop Protection!


AIXR - Air Induction XR

Download AIXR Nozzle Bulletin

  • Perfect balance between drift control, coverage and penetration
  • Unique UHMWPE polymer adds improved wear life
  • Removeable pre-orifice for easy cleaning
  • Available in Ceramic

TTI - Turbo TeeJet Induction

Download TTI Nozzle Bulletin

  • TeeJet's exclusive Turbo design
  • 90% drift reduction
  • Removeable pre-orifice for easy cleaning
  • Compact nozzle design


AITTJ60 - Air Induction Turbo TwinJet

Download AITTJ60 Nozzle Bulletin

  • TeeJet's exclusive Turbo design
  • 60° Twin flat fan improves coverage and penetration
  • Turbo technology and air produces coarse droplets to resist drift
  • Removeable insert for easy cleaning

SJ7A - StreamJet

Download SJ7A Nozzle Bulletin

  • 7 Solid streams for excellent distribution
  • Less leaf burn
  • Quick cap connection can stay on the sprayer
  • More even application with the unique backward and then down pattern

FAB4 Nozzle recommendation: Simplifying the nozzle choice for farmers

Navigating through the vast array of spray tips can be a daunting task for farmers. FAB4 nozzle recommendation steps in as the farmer's trusted companion, streamlining the selection process. By presenting a concise yet diverse set of four spray tips, FAB4 empowers farmers to make well-informed decisions effortlessly.

FAB4 nozzle selection : Tailored Nozzle Recommendations for Exceptional Crop Performance

TeeJet's FAB4 Nozzle Selection - Enhancing Spraying Efficiency for Sustainable Farming

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, TeeJet stands as a steadfast ally to farmers, committed to supporting them on their journey towards enhanced spraying practices. The FAB4 Nozzle Selection is a testament to our dedication to providing practical solutions that not only improve spraying efficiency but also contribute to sustainable farming practices.

At TeeJet, we recognise the challenges faced by farmers in achieving precision while striving for sustainability. The FAB4 Nozzle Selection is a collaborative efforts between our team of experts, including seasoned agronomists and spray application specialists. Together, we work hand-in-hand with farmers to understand their unique needs, offering personalised recommendations that align with specific crop requirements.

Choosing TeeJet's FAB4 Nozzle Selection means embarking on a journey of collaboration and support. TeeJet remains dedicated to standing by farmers, ensuring they have the supportive tools needed to cultivate a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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