Consistent drop size, spray quality, and performance require DynaJet.

By automatically controlling the pressure and drop size across a wide range of speeds, DynaJet allows you to choose optimal speeds while maintaining a consistent drop size everywhere in the field under even the most challenging conditions. Just program your drop size from the cab and go.


Just select the droplet size required for the product you are applying and go.


Droplet size remains constant throughout the entire application, ensuring optimal crop protection.


Less stress. no more having to calculate droplet size based on pressure and speed. dynajet does it for you.


Use fewer spray tips to cover a wider range of spraying applications, for improved productivity.


Choose the best ground speed for your application without having to change sprayer settings.


Spray the correct droplet size for field conditions and reduce the risk of drift.


TeeJet offers 7 different series of DynaJet compatible spray tips capable of producing a broad range of droplet sizes.

Series Tip Droplet Range
TJ60 TwinJet® TJ60 TwinJet TJ60 Droplet Size
XR TeeJet® XR TeeJet XR Droplet Size
TT Turbo TeeJet® Turbo TeeJet TT Droplet Size
TTJ60 Turbo TwinJet® Turbo TwinJet TTJ60 Droplet Size
AITTJ60 Air Induction Turbo TwinJet® Air Induction Turbo TwinJet AITTJ60 Droplet Size
TTI60 TTI TwinJet® TTI60 TwinJet TTI60 Droplet Size
TTI Turbo TeeJet® Induction Turbo TeeJet Induction TTI Droplet Size


DynaJet offers two variations to achieve the optimal solution for your needs - DynaJet 7140 and DynaJet IC7140, an ISOBUS compatible system.

 FEATURES 7140   IC7140
Real time drop size spray quality feedback
Systems diagnostics and solenoid fault detection
Dual nozzle control
Pressure selection
Isobus compatibility
Turn compensation
Individual nozzle shut-on/off
Variable rate by nozzle


  • Achieve consistent drop size and spray quality regardless of the field conditions
  • Maintain a constant drop size across a wide range of speeds and pressures without changing nozzles
  • Safeguard the environment by reducing spray drift
  • Maintain the right dose rate across the boom on the turns and curves
  • Spray bigger


  • Choose from a wide range of drop size categories (fine to extremely coarse)
  • Compatible with liquid fertilizer
  • Less risk of clogging nozzles
  • Achieve consistent spray angle
  • Automatic or manual control of pressure
  • Compatible with specific 90% drift reduction nozzles


Jean Hilaire RenaudatBefore DynaJet, spraying was never optimal. I juggled to achieve the best compromise. Today, I don’t care about speed limits. The system gives me wide range of speeds based on the size and configuration of my fields. I can also work at different pressures at constant volume.

Jean Hilaire Renaudat
Chamber of Agriculture in Nîmes, France

Bruno Van-MalleghemI am a contractor and work with all types of fields. It is challenging to find a tool to meet every need. Working with DynaJet, I no longer need to change my tips, I can get constant drop size, significant time-saving and higher working speeds.

Bruno Van-Malleghem
Winegrower in Tarragona, Spain

Andreas DöerrMy farm has steep slopes and large areas of up to 65 ha without obstacles and other terrain that require me to adapt my speed. DynaJet allows me choose my speed without sacrificing the quality of the application – from 5-15 km/h without changing pressure, drop size or nozzles.

Andreas Döerr

Benoît DesgrangesI believe this technology will soon be a requirement on all sprayers.

Benoît Desgranges
86 Charroux, France