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Air Induction Turbo TwinJet®



Double the protection of your crops.

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The Air Induction Turbo TwinJet (AITTJ60) twin style flat spray tip design is best suited for broadcast spraying where superior leaf coverage and canopy penetration are important making it ideal for applying fungicides, insecticides, or herbicides.

AITTJ60 series


  • Produce less driftable fine droplets than a standard flat fan spay tip.
  • Excellent for penetration of dense canopy and achieving thorough coverage.
  • Two 110º spray patterns spraying 60° apart, one in the forward direction of travel; one in the aft.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Approved.
  • Flow rates and droplet sizes available to meet a wide range of applications.


  • Dual tapered edge spray tip with air-induction technology.
  • Available in nine VisiFlo® Polymer (VP) capacities.
  • Automatic spray alignment with Quick TeeJet cap and gasket 114443A-*-CELR (02 to 06) or 114502A-*-CELR (08 to 15).


Corn Crop Development

AITTJ60 for corn

Cotton Crop Development

AITTJ60 for cotton

Soybean Crop Development

AITTJ60 for soybeans

Wheat Crop Development

AITTJ60 for wheat


Air Induction Turbo TwinJet® VP Polymer

AITTJ60 series

ISO Standard Color coding for tip capacity

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