Spray Application

Boom Components

Boom Components

TeeJet's extensive line of boom components is designed to offer you versatility and ease of use. Whether the application is for wet booms or dry booms, or for single or multiple nozzle assemblies, you'll find the perfect combination of nozzle holders, caps, check valves, and fittings that will provide smooth, trouble-free operation.

Featured Nozzle Bodies

QJ370 Multiple Nozzle Bodies

QJ370 Multi-Nozzle Bodies

Features a turreted modular design that allows for highly customized solutions to best fit your sprayer and spraying application needs.

QJ24216B Triple Nozzle Body

QJ24216B Triple Nozzle Bodies

Features three spray positions designed to simplify changing spray tips in the field.

QJ17560A Single Nozzle Bodies

QJ17560A Single Nozzle Bodies

Features ChemSaver drip-free shutoff and includes a hole in the upper clamp sub-assembly for flat surface mounting.