TT • Turbo TeeJet


Versatile Spray Tip with Excellent Performance and Pattern Quality

Turbo TeeJet® starts the series of Turbo nozzle family with a droplet size up to 60% bigger than standard extended range tip - XR, resulting in lower driftable droplets.

The combination of attack angle, wide spray angle, and excellent uniformity in the droplet size promotes better coverage to different targets.

In addition to the well-known high-resistance polymer tips, TeeJet now offers a new material option: ceramic, providing the best performance for each type of application.

Ceramic Series (VK)

Polymer Series (VP)

Turbo TeeJet (TT) Polymer Series (VP)

  • The most versatile air induction nozzle on the market.
  • Low drift potential (Up to 90% drift reduction*)
  • Optimum operating pressure: 45 - 60 PSI (3 - 4 Bar)
  • Compact design with removable pre-orifice for easy cleaning.
  • Adapted for vineyard applications.
  • The AIXR is built with an UHWMPE** material offering high chemical resistance.

* Only for AIXR-VP
** Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Cap with Gasket

Strainer with Gasket


Cap 114441A 55215-50-EPR Strainer 8079-PP-100

** Color Code


** Filter Size
* Gasket Material


* Filter Size

Brass Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer

Polypropylene Strainer

5053-*-SS 6051-SS-100 19845-50-PP

* Filter Size


* Filter Size


* Filter Size