Spray Tips

AI TeeJet®


Uniform coverage in broadcast spraying with excellent drift control.

The Air Induction (AI TeeJet®) distributes a tapered edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying. This tip is ideal for drift-sensitive applications by producing larger air-filled droplets using a Venturi air aspirator for numerous applications including systemic herbicides.

AI Spray Tip Family


  • Stainless steel insert produces a tapered edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying.
  • Produces large air-filled droplets through the use of a Venturi air aspirator that is more resistant to drift.
  • Recommended pressure rating 30–115 PSI (2–8 bar).
  • Available in 80° or 110° spray angles with a Polymer insert holder and pre-orifice with VisiFlo® color-coding.
  • Available in eight 110° versions, and seven 80° versions.
  • Automatic spray alignment with the 114443A-*-CELR Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket


  • Larger droplets for less drift.
  • Pre-emerge surface applied herbicides.
  • Post-emerge systemic herbicides.
  • Excellent choice for drift management.

Due to the pre-orifice design, this tip is not compatible with the 4193A check valve tip strainer.
Always double check your application rates. Tabulations are based on spraying water at 70°F (21°C).


AI TeeJet 80° VS Stainless

AI TeeJet 80° series spray tips in stainless

AI TeeJet 110° VS Stainless

AI TeeJet 110° series spray tips in stainless


Cap with Gasket Strainer with Gasket Strainer
Quick TeeJet Cap 11442A 55215-50-EPR Strainer 8079-PP-100

** Color Code


** Filter Size
* Gasket Material


* Filter Size

Brass Strainer Stainless Steel Strainer
5053-*-SS 6051-SS-100

* Filter Size


* Filter Size