Precision Farming

Field Computers

Matrix Pro, CenterLine, FieldPilot, UniPilot, RXA-30 and RX520 guidance systems, auto steering systems and antennas

You'll find just the level of functionality you need with a TeeJet field computer.

Expandable, adaptable, and easily customizable. Our selection of Field Computers allow you to get the most from your precision farming investment.

Product Bulletins

  • Matrix® 908US
  • The new Matrix 908 is an on-board computer that can be adapted to perform a variety of tasks on all types of machines. Features include: navigation with built-in high-precision signal, auto-steering, automatic section control, mapping and differential application, and ISOBUS compatibility.

  • Aeros 9040US | Metric

    A complete field computer that offers precision guidance, auto-steering, application rate control, mapping, variable rate application, boom section control and much more.

  • IC18 ECUUS | Metric

    TeeJet's IC Electronic Control Unit (ECU) series uses ISOBUS industry standard data protocol, so they work seamlessly with ISOBUS virtual terminals from different manufacturers. Use the IC18 Sprayer ECU for NH3 and liquid fertilizer applications, and the IC18 Spreader ECU for dry product application.

  • IC34 ECUUS | Metric

    Our complete ISOBUS implement control solution, the IC34 offers a complete collection of input and output capabilities. Expandable, adaptable, and easily customizable.