News Releases

COVID-19 Updates

Business March 23, 2020
COVID-19 presents many challenges. At TeeJet Technologies we recognize that Agriculture is an Essential Businesses and are therefore taking all necessary steps to remain open and to ship each and every customer order as quickly as possible. We will provide a further update if we expect delayed shipments for any reason, including government imposed restrictions on our operations.

TeeJet & Smithco Announce Partnership on Turf Sprayer Precision Products

Business February 2016

TeeJet Technologies announces a partnership with Smithco in supplying them with their full line of electronic precision and spray products.


Variable Rate Fertilizer Tip Family Introduced by TeeJet Technologies

Technology February 24, 2015

Variable Rate Fertilizer Tip Family

TeeJet Technologies has launched a new line of variable rate spray nozzles. This family includes two nozzles for broadcast liquid fertilizer applications – the 7-stream tip/cap combo (SJ7-VR) and 3‐stream tip/cap combo (SJ3-VR). Additionally, two flow regulator models are being offered for liquid fertilizer metering on seeding equipment and fertilizer application toolbars – a push-to-connect body (PTC-VR) and a Quick TeeJet hose barb body (QJ‐VR).


TeeJet Technologies Launches QJ370 Compact Nozzle Body

Technology February 24, 2015

QJ370 Compact Nozzle

The QJ370 multiple outlet nozzle body from TeeJet Technologies gives growers and OEM’s a great new option for their sprayers. The QJ370 features a more compact design than previous nozzle bodies which allows for easy installation on a wide variety of boom structures. Despite the smaller size, this nozzle body provides increased flow rates over previous & competitive designs ‐ up to 3.6 GPM (13.6 l/min) at a 10 psi (0.7 bar) pressure drop.


Aeros 9040 Field Computer from TeeJet Technologies Offers New Features for 2015

Technology February 10, 2015

Aeros 9040

The Aeros 9040 Field Computer now offers additional capabilities including tip flow monitoring, ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT) functionality, and Wi‐Fi data transfer. This complements existing features such as guidance, auto‐steering, video monitoring, variable rate application control, as‐applied mapping, automatic section control (ASC), and droplet size monitoring.


TeeJet Launches RX520 High‐Precision GNSS Receiver

Technology February 10, 2015


The RX520 dual frequency GNSS receiver from TeeJet Technologies brings reliable, upgradable accuracy and performance to precision farming applications. It features an integrated L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single compact enclosure. Integral magnetic mounting allows for a clean, low‐profile installation.


TeeJet Matrix® 430 Provides Simple, Easy‐to‐Use Guidance

Technology February 10, 2015

Matrix 430

The new Matrix 430 is an easy‐to‐use and low cost GNSS guidance system. The compact unit features a graphical, touchscreen user interface that allows for fast setup and intuitive operation. The system is ideal for a wide range of field applications including spraying, spreading, tillage and solid seeding.