Application Control & Monitoring

For your equipment to operate at peak efficiency, you have to be able to monitor it minute by minute. TeeJet's solutions enable you to exert maximum control over how, and how much, coverage you're applying, even as conditions and vehicle speeds change.

  • US | Metric   Sentry 6141 Tip Flow Monitor
  • Now compatible with ISOBUS technology! The Sentry 6141 monitors the flow from the tips on your spray boom with a compact flow meter integrated into the individual nozzle body. The flow meter detects flow variation that can be caused by clogs, nozzle damage or loss, or upstream flow limitations. Any error is indicated by in-cab alarm, display notification and illuminated LED at the affected nozzle body.

  • US | Metric   DynaJet® Flex 7140 Nozzle Control System
  • Allows the operator to control tip flow rates and droplet size independent of one another to optimize sprayer productivity.

  • US | Metric   Radion 8140 Automatic Sprayer Control
  • Designed with simplicity in mind. Simply set your target application rate and the controller helps select the right TeeJet tip for the job. The large 4.3" color touch screen makes it easy to keep track of volume, speed, area covered and more.

  • US | Metric   BoomPilot® Automatic Boom Section Control
  • Uses GPS to track covered areas and automatically adjusts active boom sections to eliminate skips and overlaps, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Compatible with a wide variety of rate controllers, and surprisingly easy to install.

  • US | Metric   Sentry 6140 Sprayer Tip Flow Monitor
  • Precisely measures the flow passing through each tip and provides instant feedback if a tip becomes clogged or otherwise is functioning poorly. Can significantly improve the quality of spraying jobs.

  • US | Metric   Sentry 6120 Sprayer Droplet Size Monitor
  • Provides real time operating pressure and corresponding droplet size feedback for liquid applications.

  • US | Metric   800 Series Automatic Sprayer Controllers
  • TeeJet offers a complete line of automatic sprayer controls, so you can choose the functionality that best fits your needs. All feature large backlit displays, master shutoff, and single cable connection for quick hookup.

  • US | Metric   834 Sprayer Control
  • Simple, fully automated rate control.

  • US | Metric   834P Sprayer Control
  • Simple, fully automated rate control for small sprayer with 12-volt electrical product pumps

  • US | Metric   744E sprayer control switch box
  • Perfect for converting hitched sprayers and small-size trailer sprayers from manual valves to electric ball valves.

  • US | Metric   744A manual sprayer control switch box
  • Compact, straight-forward, easy to use.

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