Guidance and Steering

Advanced Technology That Saves Time and Money, and Minimizes Headaches.

Matrix Pro, CenterLine, FieldPilot, UniPilot, RXA-30 and RX520 guidance systems, auto steering systems and antennas

TeeJet precision farming products help you cover fields with maximum efficiency. You'll eliminate skips and overlaps, reduce stress, save time and minimize fatigue. Our GPS-based technologies offer a wide range of functionality and capabilities to fit your exact requirements. And, we make it simple to upgrade with additional components when your needs change.

Product Bulletins

  • UniPilot® Pro Assisted Steering SystemUS | Metric
  • Smooth, accurate assisted steering performance plus portability! The UniPilot Pro system helps you increase efficiency, productivity and flexibility and can be moved between vehicles. It's easy to install with a single bracket onto the steering column – no required access to the hydraulic system or removal of the steering wheel.

  • FieldPilot Pro Auto Steering SystemUS | Metric
  • Integrated hydraulic automated steering system for Matrix Pro GS and Aeros 9040. Next generation steering control module offers aggressive line acquisition, stable online performance and advanced tilt compensation.

  • CenterLine 220 GPS Guidance SystemUS | Metric
  • Benefit from GPS lightbar guidance in any field operation with the CenterLine 220. It's compact, easy-to-use, durable and economical.

  • Matrix 430 Guidance SystemUS | Metric
  • Ideal for simple, affordable guidance, the Matrix 430 can be used for a wide range of field applications including spraying, spreading, tillage and solid seeding.

  • Matrix Pro GS Guidance SystemsUS | Metric
  • Our advanced Matrix Pro systems feature RealView® Guidance Over Video, advanced swath and rate control, compatibility with auto steer and auto boom section control, and much more.

  • FieldPilot® Auto Steering SystemUS | Metric
  • Fully automated steering using the Matrix Pro for GPS guidance. Covers more ground, more accurately than manual operation. Saves time, money and minimizes fatigue.

  • RXA-30 AntennaUS | Metric
  • Economical option compatible with WAAS and EGNOS signals. GLONASS ready.

  • RX720 GNSS Smart AntennaUS
  • This state-of-the-art smart antenna receives multiple GNSS signals to deliver better satellite availability under challenging terrain and environmental conditions.

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TeeJet Matrix 430 Guidance System