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TTI TwinJet®



Twin Spray Coverage with Maximum Drift Control!

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The TTI TwinJet® (TTI60) single piece tip & cap design allows for fast, easy installation and, unlike some other twin sprays, has a very compact size.

TTI60 series


  • Ideal for Dicamba applications including Engenia®, Tavium® and XtendiMax® Herbicides.
  • Provides excellent drift control and produces less than 2% of driftable fines.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Approved.
  • Larger droplets for less drift— 15–100 PSI.
  • Unique internal configuration means substantially longer wear life.


  • 110° wide angle, air induction, tapered flat spray tip pattern based on the patented outlet orifice design of the original Turbo TeeJet® nozzle.
  • Patented orifice design provides large, round passages to minimize plugging and improved wear life.
  • Depending on the chemical, produces large air-filled droplets through a Venturi air aspirator resulting in less drift.
  • Compact size to prevent tip damage.
  • Removable pre-orifice.
  • Available in nine VisiFlo® Polymer (VP) capacities.
  • Automatic spray alignment with Quick TeeJet cap and gasket 115835A-*-CELR (015–06), or 114502A (08–10). The 115835A exclusive cap allows for straight through assembly, no need to rotate 90° to insert into the cap.


TTI60 TwinJet® VP Polymer

TTI60 TwinJet (TTI60) Series (VP)

Nozzle Filter: TTI110015 = Filter 100 Mesh | TTI11002 and other capacities = Filter 50 Mesh
ISO Standard Color coding for tip capacity

Catalog 52, Broadcast Nozzles, TTI60 TwinJet®


Cap with Gasket Strainer with Gasket Strainer
CP115834A-6-CE 55215-50-EPR Strainer 8079-PP-100

** Color Code


** Filter Size
* Gasket Material


* Filter Size

Brass Strainer Stainless Steel Strainer
5053-*-SS 6051-SS-100

* Filter Size


* Filter Size