Matrix® 430VF

Never Miss a Row or Over Spray Again!

Matrix® 430VF Guidance for Vineyards and Orchards

The new Matrix® 430VF is an easy-to-use, reliable, low cost GNSS guidance system specifically designed to simplify operations in vineyards and orchards. The compact, icon-based unit features a graphical touchscreen user interface that allows for fast setup and intuitive operation.

  • Less time to locate the correct row
  • Excellent display visibility in sunlight or at night
  • Compact design to fit virtually any cabin
  • Can be used for spraying, harvesting, tillage, and/or pruning
  • Easy to understand, easy to use
  • Documentation of your work


  • Specially designed for Vineyard and Orchard applications
  • Applied Rows or Areas are colored
  • Visualizes up to 12 sections
  • Multiple row configuration modes
  • Shows the rows you missed or have not applied
  • Alerts you when entering into applied row or area
  • Return to point
  • 5 machine profiles
  • Up to 5 jobs configuration


Correction Type Pass-to-Pass Accuracy Year-to-Year Repeatability
GLONASS + GPS +/- 30-45 cm +/- 1 m
Satellite DGPS (SBAS) +/- 15-25 cm
*also referred to as Sub-Meter
+/- 1 m


Renaud CavalierUntil now, the GPS systems available were fine, but none of them were adapted to the specific needs of the vineyard or orchard. With the Matrix 430VF, the operator can work soil, spray, and harvest with greater comfort and peace of mind- even at night!

Renaud Cavalier
Chamber of Agriculture in Nîmes, France

Jordi BiscampsMy drivers are less stressed and no longer have to count rows and I'm confident that they accurately covered each section of the vineyard.

Jordi Biscamps
Winegrower in Tarragona, Spain

Nelson dos SantosMy operators are much more relaxed. I am sure that rows in my vineyard won’t be missed or overapplied.

Nelson dos Santos
Pago de Arinzano(Vineyard 355 Ha)


Part Number Description
GD430VF-GLO-R30-C Kit, Matrix 430VF, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, COBO Connector
GD430VF-GLO-R30-B Kit, Matrix 430VF, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, Battery leads