AIXR TeeJet • Air Induction Extended Range

The best balance between spray coverage and drift control.

The AIXR TeeJet flat spray tip offers the benefit of obtaining excellent drift resistance without compromising spray coverage. This nozzle produces a wide range of droplet sizes suitable for all types of applications. AIXR is one of the more versatile spray tips on the market.

AIXR 11004-VP 

  • The most versatile air induction nozzle on the market.
  • Low drift potential (Up to 90% drift reduction*)
  • Optimum operating pressure: 3 to 4 Bar.
  • Compact design with removable pre-orifice for easy cleaning.
  • Adapted for vineyard applications.
  • The AIXR is built with an UHWMPE** material offering high chemical resistance.

* Only for AIXR-VP
** Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


Pressure Range

1 - 6 Bar


Spray Height

Nozzle spacing 50 cm :
50 cm Height

Nozzle spacing 25 cm :
25 cm Height


Spray Angle



Drift Rating

Approved by:



VP : Polymer
VK : Ceramic


Droplet Size

M - XC