Trade Shows

We participate in many tradeshows around the world. It is a great opportunity to see our latest products and technologies and interact with our team. We look forward to seeing you.

Europe Trade Shows

Show Name Location
AgroMashExpo Budapest, Hungary
MTAS Warszawa, Poland
Grain Tech Expo Kyiv, Ukraine
SIMA Paris, France
Konya Agriculture Konya, Turkey
Ka Pasesi Kaunas, Lithuania
Maamess Tartu, Estonia
Agra Leipzig, Germany
Haus Düsse Germany
Cereals Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Les Culturales Reims, France
Kaluga Field Day Vorotyn, Russia
SKW- Feldtage Cunnersdorf, Germany
Voronezh Field Day Liski, Russia
Beta Expo Tulln, Austria
Agrokompleks Kaliningrad, Russia
SIAMAP Tunis, Tunisia
INDAGRA Bucherest, Romania
Agritechnica Hanover, Germany
Sitevi Montpellier, France
YugAgro Krasnodar, Russia
Agribex Brussels, Belgium